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Winter adventures

Here you will find tips and suggestions for your winter vacation with children!

What can be more wonderful for children than sledding to their heart's content in winter? Tölzer Land has toboggan runs for young and old. But even a hill in the village is often all that younger children need to slide down with a sled and romp around in the snow with other local children – ask your host if there is a sledding hill in the village!
The first time on skis is a big event for children. You will find child-friendly ski lifts in Bad Tölz/Buchberg, Beuerberg, Blomberg, Gaißach, Jachenau, Kochel and on the Brauneck/Lenggries. Here you will also find skiing instruction for children (alpine skiing/snowboarding and cross-country skiing).
What young girl has never dreamed of being an ice princess? What boy wouldn’t want to try his hand at being a deft ice hockey player? Your offspring can pursue these dreams on our natural ice rinks in Jachenau, Reichersbeuern, Lenggries and Thanning, and in our indoor ice rinks in Bad Tölz and Geretsried! When the ice is thick enough, you can explore our frozen lakes and leave your mark on the ice in the great outdoors.
At a feeding of game animals, children in the company of adults can watch real wild animals close at hand. Mighty stags and deer regularly come to the feeders in their winter quarters and can be observed close up. Please consult our events calendar for dates.
Those who need a break from the cold winter air can warm up in one of our indoor pools and let off steam in the warm water. Alpamare in Bad Tölz, the trimini family baths and pools, and the Isarwelle water park in Lenggries offer many attractions.
Children and youths can experience culture, for example in the Franz Marc Museum in Kochel or the Bad Tölz Marionettentheater puppetry: the Franz Marc Museum offers special tours for children and, during the holidays, a creative hands-on program for kids. For more information about activities and events for children in our communities, please consult the Tölzer Land events calendar.

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