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Come on in, the water’s fine:

Water sports in Tölzer Land

Our lakes and rivers in Tölzer Land offer more than just bathing and swimming. The choice of water sports ranges from A for angling to Z as in a zest for diving ...

lakes, rivers, brooks – Tölzer Land is a water paradise:
The Isar invites you for cheerfully wet rafting as well as exciting trips by white-water raft or kayak.

The Walchensee and Starnberger See (lakes) are fast-paced surfing and sailing hot spots. Diving in the clear waters of Walchensee (lake) is a very special experience.
Bathers can relax on the Kochelsee, Kirchsee and Sylvensteinsee (lakes) as well as many baths in our communities. Starnberger See (lake) with its marvelous view of the mountain chain naturally offers plenty of room to relax, swim and splash.
Anglers try their luck fly fishing on the Isar or Loisach, or on the large Walchensee, Kochelsee, Starnberger See and Sylvensteinsee (lakes).
For those who prefer to stay dry as they explore the wet element, a boat ride on Kochelsee or Starnberger See (lake) is just the ticket!

Swimming in Tölzer Land

From swimming lakes to outdoor pools – cool refreshment is perfect on very hot days.
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