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Walchensee is among the most beautiful places in the Upper Bavarian landscape.

Walchensee is a beautiful village with the same named lake.

An ideal vacation destination for active sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, families and anyone seeking recreation. The idyllic location, the crystal-clear water and the undeveloped shoreline make the lake framed by mountains an unforgettable experience.
History and film come together on the Walchensee
Goethe dwelled on its shores on his journey to Italy; the fairy tale king Ludwig II marveled at this lake on his countless high altitude hikes and had one of his best hunting lodges built here.
The painter Lovis Corinth lived here. He was inspired by the beautiful landscape with its mountains and valleys as well as the shifting, impressive color compositions of this mountain lake, producing glorious paintings – some of his works can be seen in the Walchensee Museum.
Even today, some television and movie production companies have discovered Walchensee (lake). Part I and II of “Wickie und die starken Männer” for example were shot at the Walchensee. Part of the original movie set of the “Flake” Viking village with a small permanent exhibition can be seen in Walchensee.
Experience nature on the water or in the mountains
Walchensee (lake) is one of the few untouched lakes in the Bavarian alps with shores that are freely accessible everywhere. One can walk anywhere around it and the lake is entirely free of pollution and the noise of motor boats. The thinly settled shores offer largely natural bathing beaches, especially to the south and east. Fish in the pure waters attract numerous anglers and favorable wind conditions make the lake attractive for surfers and yachtsmen.
But Walchensee (lake) is more than an el dorado for water sports enthusiasts! Countless walking, hiking and biking trails with all degrees of difficulty are found around the lake and in the mountains, inviting you to explore nature and the land while getting to know the people of this magical region.
A visit to our landmark mountain the Herzogstand is especially popular. It is easy to climb or can be reached quickly and in comfort with a gondola on the Herzogstandbahn. A new attraction is the panorama nature education trail on the Herzogstand at lofty heights over 2.5 km with 11 display boards featuring information about geology, the animal kingdom and special natural phenomena.

Tourist Information Walchensee
Ringstr. 1
82432 Walchensee
Phone: 08858/411
Fax: 08858/275

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