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Traditional costumes in Tölzer Land

From colorful dirndl dresses to manly lederhosen, loden jackets, hand-knitted leg warmers and embroidered corsets – traditional costumes are something special that people like to wear.

Traditional costumes can vary widely and there are numerous differences from region to region.
Traditional costumes for women:
Today’s dirndl dress was the working attire of country maidservants in the 19th century. At the time they were sewn from robust fabrics like linen or cotton in a single color, and aprons were even made from bed sheets. From the end of the 19th century into the 1930s, the dirndl finally became popular in the cities as well. Finer fabrics were increasingly used over time, so that the dirndl was worn more frequently by the upper classes as well.
Today the dirndl is worn on all festive occasions from church to festivals, dances or events.
On special occasions such as weddings, Leonhardi, Corpus Christi etc., the people of Tölzer Land put on their traditional formal costumers. Here there are differences between single and married women.
Only married women are permitted to wear the “Schalk” dress. In traditional farm weddings, the Schalk was and is also the wedding gown. The Schalk is usually made from black silk, the apron from colored silk. Of course a Schnürhut, a hat decorated with gold cord, is part of the outfit as well.
Only single girls wear the corset. A laced corset is worn over the so-called Leiberl bodice. Unlike with the Schalk, the silk scarf is worn over the upper garment.
Traditional costumes for men:
Lederhosen have not changed a lot over time. Traditional lederhosen are made of buckskin, just as they were in the past. Regional differences between lederhosen are found mostly in the suspenders. Brightly embroidered suspenders are found in the Tölzer Land and some other regions as well. Embroidering the suspenders is time consuming; stitched solely by hand, they are usually made by women in the family. Another type of suspenders is made from leather. Some suspenders are even embroidered with genuine peacock feathers. Unfortunately there are not many people left who still know the craft of feather embroidery. Of course a “real man” also has to have the right traditional hat.
The loden pants and suit are mostly worn at weddings, when clubs march out for church events etc. or during the cold time of year.
More information on traditional costumes in Tölzer Land is found in the “Trachten Informationszentrum” traditional costume information center in Benediktbeuern.

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