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A healthy tradition

Therapeutic baths, spas and health resorts

Spa treatments and health are a tradition in Tölzer L03052and. Not only peat and iodine but also the healthy climate offers the best possible conditions for good health.

The elevation of the communities and municipalities on the northern slope of the alps provides us with a balanced mix of stimuli and protective factors with moderate temperatures, gentle mountain and valley winds and pure, clean air that is rich in oxygen. Next to iodine, the gently ground natural peat of Tölzer Land is another natural remedy from the region.

Bad Tölz healthy climate resort & healing peat baths

The iodine springs are the traditional Bad Tölz remedy and made the city famous for therapeutic baths. Thanks to the “Tölzer champagne air”, Bad Tölz has been recognized as a “healthy climate resort” since 1969 and, since 2005, also for its “therapeutic peat baths”.

Bad Heilbrunn healthy climate resort

Bad Heilbrunn too is known especially for its healthy climate. The leading therapy offered by the healthy climate resort is the Bad Heilbrunn climate-terrain regimen. A small but nice health center, the Tölzer Land healthy climate park, along with a renowned specialist clinic are optimum companions for your good health.

...even more recovery:

You can also enjoy the healthy climate in our government certified climatic spa towns of Lenggries, Kochel a. See and Walchensee or in the government certified health resorts of Jachenau and Wackersberg.

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