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The Tafernwirte innkeepers

The “Tafernwirte im Tölzer Land” – an association of traditional innkeepers – live up to the name of the venerable “Tafernwirtschaft” inns from centuries past.

The Tafernwirte are celebrating their 15-year anniversary in 2013. Join the celebrations! Please click here for more information.

All of the operations are owner-managed, with individual offerings tailored to the culinary concept of each restaurant and inn.
Culinary highlights, native Bavarian cuisine, light fare with great finesse
Every Tafernwirt has their own unique specialty. Always made from mainly regional ingredients and fresh products with great love and passion.

The satisfaction of their guests is the top priority of all Tafernwirte and their employees. They also guarantee successful family festivals and company parties. All of them offer various facilities, from cozy rooms or traditional cabins to halls for major events.
The Tafernwirte are partners of the herbal experience region as well!
E-bike charging station
New electric bikes have triggered a genuine boom. Gliding through the landscape, wonderfully relaxed, and no longer having to struggle up hills on muscle power alone – that is the pure enjoyment of nature.
The nine Tafernwirte in Tölzer Land responded quickly. All of the innkeepers now offer free charging stations for the new generation of bikes, recharging the bicycle batteries free while the riders relax in the shade of the beer garden.
Every year the Tafernwirte prepare a diverse program for their guests: from the Schmankerltagen delicacy days to herb and game weeks to Christmas markets and Bavarian New Year’s Eve.

Current offers and events of the Tafernwirte are found here.

Our Tölzer Land Tafernwirte:

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Die Tafernwirte im Tölzer Land

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