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Traditional Faschingsgaudi carnival party

The Schnablerrennen race in Gaißach

The famous Schnablerrennen sled race is held during the carnival, usually at the end of January/beginning of February when snow conditions are suitable in Gaißach, and attracts thousands of visitors every year!

Because of a bet in 1928, around 30 tobogganers and 40 Schnabler sleds (each with 2 persons) tear downhill on the 1.5 km route into the valley.
The object of the race is to negotiate the narrow, steep and partly icy trail at the highest possible speed, finally getting airborne on the natural jump, flying as far as possible, without mechanical aids such as brakes or steering.
The longest jump with a Schnabler has been 25 meters.
For more information about the Schnablerrennen race on Lehener Berg mountain in Gaißach, visit the homepage of Gaißacher Schnablervereins e.V.

Gaißacher Schnablerverein e.V.
83674 Gaißach
Phone: 0 80 42 - 98 77 6 (Dez.-Feb.)

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