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Sports & Leisure in Winter

As diverse as the landscape is also our range of winter sports.

  • Alpine skiing and snowboarding

    Skiing stars like Hilde Gerg and Martina Ertl learned to ski in our mountains. Carving, wedeln, boarding, telemarking … here you will find ideal conditions for your skiing ...
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  • Cross-country skiing

    Tölzer Land invites you with 260 kilometers of cross-country ski runs between Isar and Loisach – with a view of the Upper Bavarian alpine mountain chain, deeply covered in ...
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  • Sledding

    Winter fun for young and old: careening own the mountain on a sled. Opportunities in Tölzer Land …
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  • Winter hiking in Tölzer Land

    Lace up your winter boots and explore Tölzer Land in the winter!
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Gefördert durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten und den Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raumes (ELER)