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Spiritual ways & customs


Spirituality is deeply rooted in Tölzer Land. The various pilgrimage routes are very popular, but church customs and pilgrimages are part of the region's cultural heritage as well.

Those who want to find themselves in a spiritual way as pilgrims can lace up their hiking boots and head out on the trail. The Jakobsweg trail offers the following routes: The Jakobsweg Isar-Loisach-Leutascher Ache-Inn trail is newly opened since 2010, and the south-east Bavarian Jakobsweg passes through the midst of Tölzer Land as well.
Benediktbeuern with its baroque monasteries is the region's leading pilgrimage destination. For centuries the mighty bulbous spires of the basilica have been showing visitors the way to the spiritual center of Tölzer Land. Special pilgrims’ services are offered for pilgrimage groups by reservation. The blessing with the Benedictus relic is a very special and truly unforgettable experience for believers.
Pilgrimages in the course of the year include the Leonhard horseback rides and tours around November 6 each year. This is when services with the blessing of horses are held throughout the region in honor of Saint Leonhard, the patron saint of horse and rider.
...and on the water, the pilgrimage of the rafters from Wolfratshausen. As a revival of a ceremony introduced in 1910, wooden craft are launched every three years since 1994 in the middle of May as darkness falls, lit by torches in a sea of lights to honor Saint Nepomuk on the Loisach in their journey to the Kastenmühlwehr. Learn more about rafting in Tölzer Land.

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