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The picturesque community of Reichersbeuern is nestled in the edge of the Bavarian foothills between Bad Tölz and Tegernsee (lake).

A direct link of the BOB rail line to Munich, which has been operating since 1874, is an ideal connection between the metropolis of Munich and the rural, romantic mountain life.
Old Schloss Reichersbeuern castle, which is home to a private secondary school today, is a special attraction. Barns and what is probably the oldest Saint Martin’s chapel in Bavaria surround the castle.
Summer or winter, the friendly and open Upper Bavarian manner invites you to a picturesque region where poets and thinkers have already felt at home and replenished their energy.

Tölzer Str. 12
83677 Reichersbeuern
Phone: 08041 7822-0
Fax: 08041 7822-20

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Gefördert durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten und den Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raumes (ELER)