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Herbal holiday – a vacation for all the senses!

Herbal experiences for all the senses

Tölzer Land has a plethora of herbs: discover them in nature, in parks and gardens during herbal hikes in our communities. Our certified herbal partners accompany you!

When dandelions start blooming in April, green meadows are transformed into sunshine yellow carpets and announce summer with resplendent colors: the “dandelion spring” rings in the height of the season in the herbal experience region. From now on herbal festivals, herbal markets, guided herbal hikes in valleys and on mountains along with numerous herbal courses and workshops are featured attractions throughout the year. With our certified herbal educators, discover the world of our local herbs in the herbal communities!
Herb farms and our herbal educators offer special herbal experiences for groups, school classes and kindergartens.

Visit our herb parks and gardens: 

Our herb and farm shops feature herbal products and all sorts of homemade specialties: individual and right from the farm or herbal educator – herbal teas, herbal liqueurs, marmalades, sachets, herbal cosmetics, farm ice cream and much, much more ... also to try and buy, of course.

Our herbal innkeepers love to pamper you with seasonal herb dishes and our herbal hosts look after your welfare so you can enjoy your herbal vacation.

Our trained herbal educators want to awaken your enthusiasm for our nature and its diversity. Herbs are with us wherever we go – everyone sees them but very few know what they are. Our herbal educators impart their knowledge about the use of wild herbs and fruits. Their mission is to share knowledge of the domestic cultivated landscape, thereby making young and old more aware of nature. Our certified herbal educators take you on an exciting journey of discovery through the world of herbs in our natural and cultivated landscape. The motto of the Tölzer Land herbal educators: “We value everything we know – and protect everything we value.”

For an overview of the herbal experiences in the region, consult our interactive recreation map or the current brochure (download or order).

Dates and events in the Tölzer Land herbal experience region are found in our online events calendar.



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