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Over 400 medicinal, kitchen and tea herbs and weeds

Herbal experience park

Pure herbal enjoyment! Experience more than 400 different herbs as well as scented and flowering plants. Herbal tours, herbal courses, workshops, herbal cooking classes and much more.

Here around 400 different wild, medicinal, kitchen and tea herbs are resplendent in all their glory alongside ornamental beds. A brook, a wetland and various rest and adventure areas not only appeal to all the senses but also impart a sense of fun during a tour of the park.

Traditional monastery medicinal herbs formerly used in healthcare are cultivated in a special area in close cooperation with the Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur (Centre for the Environment and Culture) in the neighboring Benediktbeuern monastery. For example, Charlemagne required the monasteries to cultivate certain medicinal herbs. The ‘Benediktbeurer Rezeptar’ includes these and also other herbs, for some of which the uses appear to have been forgotten. The Bad Heilbrunn herb garden has sufficient space to revive this concept in the vicinity of the monastery.

Naturally the park was also designed to be wheelchair accessible: all paths, the bridges over the brook and especially designed herb terraces allow even wheelchair users to enjoy an untroubled herbal experience.

Numerous tours and courses are offered for groups of 8-50 persons.

In the adjacent herb store with bistro in Bad Heilbrunn, you can buy and of course also try high-quality herbal products. Tastings for groups are available by individual request.
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Kräuter-Erlebnis-Park Bad Heilbrunn
Wörnerweg 4
83670 Bad Heilbrunn
Phone: 08046/ 323
Fax: 08046/ 8239

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