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Herbal communities

From wild herb tours and herbal presentations to herbal packages – our herbal communities in Tölzer Land present the world of herbs to you.

The herbal communities in Tölzer Land introduce themselves:

Bad Heilbrunn

Bad Heilbrunn is a health resort with healthy climate dedicated to herbs. In particular, the large herbal experience park with around 400 different wild, medicinal, kitchen and tea herbs is a unique experience for all the senses. The herbal processor adjacent to the park with store and café offers a variety of events, tours and courses, inviting you to feel, smell and most of all taste the diversity of herbs!

Bad Tölz 

Herbs are one of the many aspects to which Bad Tölz dedicates itself in the interest of health and nature. Courses and seminars in the fields of traditional medicinal herb lore and phytotherapy as well as natural wellness offers are available here. The herbal educators in and around Bad Tölz also offer a varied program. Since 2012, you will find an herbal experience center at Ludwigstraße 5, where you can obtain information, buy herbal specialties or attend herbal workshops. Some of the Tölzer hosts have also specialized in the herbal  field, using the tasty plants to prepare regional specialties.


Discover the centuries-old history of traditional monastery medicinal herbs, which are also found in the “Benediktbeurer Rezeptar” from the year 1250. The herb garden on the monastery grounds illustrates the developmental history of the plants and explains how important the use of domestic herbs is to this day. In the adjacent herbal experience store, you will find numerous homemade products from herbal oils and blooms to herb salt, snacks and books.

As part of the “Nature Summer in the Loisach Valley”(Natursommer im Loisachtal) series of events, Benediktbeuern in cooperation with the neighboring communities of Bad Heilbrunn and Kochel am See and the “Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur” (Centre for the Environment and Culture) offers special natural experiences each year. In addition to pool safaris and bat watching, exploring the local herbs is also part of the program.



Plenty of wild herbs flourish in the largely untouched nature of the Jachenau. During wild herb hikes along the Jachen river, you can discover and explore nature in its original form. The “beim Langerbauern” showcase cheese dairy offers presentations, also in conjunction with wild herbs. Every year in the spring, Jachenau innkeepers pamper their guests with herbal specialty dishes.
Some hosts have dedicated themselves entirely to herbs as well. On the vitality farms, guests will find everything related to “tasting – smelling – feeling herbs”: herb gardens, homemade liqueurs, syrups, oils, herb salt, herbal teas, wildflower baths, herbal balms and herbal cushions as well as hay-based crafts are offered for the guests.

Kochel am See and Walchensee
Herbs have a long tradition in the land of two lakes near Herzogstand! Herbal expert Eva Aschenbrenner is known far beyond the region, putting nature’s pharmacy to work with tips and tricks in the interest of health and wellbeing. She is happy to stand by your side in words and deeds. Among other things, she offers seminars and presentation on “The Healing Force of Wild Herbs” throughout the year.
Nature pure awaits guests in the dandelion spring and Loisachtaler valley nature summer! Wild herb hikes and “rustic, geological-botanical hikes” around the Kochelsee a


nd Walchensee lakes take place from April to the beginning of July. Or how about an herbal sauna in the Trimini family baths and water park?

Experience herbs on the mountain and in the valley. The Stie-Alm alp on the Brauneck offers a special kind of herbal experience. Next to herbal hikes, herbal cuisine and co


smetics, the enjoyment of herbal mountain pasture cheese from the operation’s own alpine cheese dairy can be experienced by anyone under the theme of “Oimxund”. Special wild herb excursions invite you to taste – smell – feel. Here one can learn a lot about the revitalizing and purifying powers as well as the various uses of wild local plants.
Herbs have been part of the medicine chest since ancient times, offering gentle relief for numerous complaints. Everything related to tea, medicinal herbs and spices has been available in the shop of the “Kräuterhexe” herbalist since 1990.



The herbal power circle in the garden of the Wolfratshausen city library forms the focal point. In it there grow numerous local herbs under the care of the Wolfratshausen herbal educators. These dedicated women also offer herbal tours, cooking classes, the production of culinary products and workshops with wild herbs. Many products can be tried on site at the herb markets.


Herbal experience park

Pure herbal enjoyment! Experience more than 400 different herbs as well as scented and ...
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