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At the edge of the alps, in the midst of Upper Bavaria

Climbing in Tölzer Land

Outdoor or indoor – numerous climbing parks and climbing centers in Tölzer Land provide ideal climbing terrain. They offer everything from recreational climbing to tough overhangs.

Indoor climbing
Bad Tölz has a DAV climbing centre for all climbing enthusiasts. The hall with a total climbing surface of 1500 sqm offers routes in virtually all degrees of difficulty for beginners and experts. There is also a separate bouldering section for training, while open-air fans get their money’s worth in the outdoor facility. This makes climbing possible at any time, no matter what the weather – even with a view of the mountains.
Outdoor climbing
The climbing park in Bad Heilbrunn is particularly popular among beginners and recreational climbers. Easy to reach with short access routes, the mostly slanted, sunny walls mainly offer simpler routes that do however require a certain amount of foot technique.
The various sectors on Kochelsee (lake), southern Bavaria’s popular climbing sport destination, have already inspired climbing greats such as Toni Lamprecht and Stefan Glowacz. Some of the rock faces near the Walchensee power plant are quite steep, making them a true challenge for many climbers and bouldering fans. With “Bokassa’s Fridge” and “Assin, Monkey and Man”, you will in fact find two of the toughest bouldering routes in the world here.
Pleasure routes offering a true mountain experience await you on the Brauneck with the Benediktenwand group near Lenggries. More than 200 select climbing routes at all levels of difficulty are truly a paradise for all climbing enthusiasts. The starting points are near the Stie-Alm alp, approximately half an hour on foot from the mountain station of the Brauneck mountain railway. A dreamlike alpine panorama and the sun terraces of the traditional cabins round out a day of climbing!
Behind Schloß Hohenburg castle in Lenggries, you will also find some easily accessible sectors in the shade of a light forest. Most routes on the climbing wall extend across vertical rock. Everything from a children’s wall to climbing routes with the highest degree of difficulty is offered.
More information on the cliffs is available from DAV at

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