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Wintertime action

Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Skiing stars like Hilde Gerg and Martina Ertl learned to ski in our mountains. Carving, wedeln, boarding, telemarking … here you will find ideal conditions for your skiing enjoyment!

As soon as the first snow falls, a white and blue winter adventure awaits you in Tölzer Land.
From the enjoyment of alpine skiing on the Brauneck in Lenggries to family fun on the Blomberg. Recreational skiers, carvers and snowboarders find everything the heart desires in Tölzer Land – and the hosts in our traditional cabins look after their physical wellbeing.
In the Brauneck-Wegscheid skiing region, you follow in the footsteps of the skiing elite – skiing stars Hilde and Annemarie Gerg, Martina Ertl and Florian Eckert all learned to ski in the Lenggries mountains. Carving, wedeln and boarding – everything is possible on the Brauneck and the traditional après-ski can be readily practiced at more than a dozen cabins.
Ideal for families: the Blomberg near Bad Tölz is a small but fine ski area with a perfect infrastructure for families. And if wedeln into the valley on your skis at night is something you desire, you will find a floodlit slope here as well. Then there is the Snowboard Funpark and one of the longest natural toboggan runs in Germany. The many small ski lifts in Tölzer Land are ideal for children as well. Consult our brochure for more information. Ski tour lovers now also get their money’s worth on the Blomberg. A newly designated ski touring route, the so-called “Gamssteig”, leads up the slopes to the peak of the Blomberg.
The mood is introspective on the Herzogstand with its marvelous view of the Kochelsee and Walchensee lakes: this is where ski tour lovers and downhill skiers meet.
In short: winter in the Tölzer Land offers a rich variety for downhill skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and nature lovers! Take a look at our winter brochure (for download or simply order online).

Tölzer Land Tourismus
Tölzer Land Tourismus
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