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Floating through the air

Aerial sports in Tölzer Land

Who hasn’t felt the desire to experience the feeling of absolute freedom while seeing the world from above.

Gently rising into the air and experiencing a wondrous alpine panorama – a balloon ride makes it possible. “Above the clouds”, your head buzzes and you feel the boundless freedom of the heavens. The pilot carried by the wind has little say about the destination. Since the balloon travels with the wind, it appears to be wind still up in the air. The airborne adventure lasts around 2 hours before the balloon goes in for a landing. This is followed by the so-called baptism of fire for first-time balloonists.

Balloon ride providers:
• Ballooning Reichart GmbH, Hofzaunweg 16, 83677 Greiling, phone +49 8041/ 771-55,
Who hasn’t seen the many colorful dots in the sky that appear to float like birds in the heavens. Experience the unique feeling of leaving the ground and floating away like a bird. A tandem flight by paraglider or hang glider is sure to give you an adrenalin boost. Launch points are on the Blomberg and Brauneck.

Providers of tandem flights:
• Passenger flights in tandem paraglider, Renate Schatzl, Bad Tölz, phone 0171/1749896,
• LSV Greiling, Michael Melzer, Greiling, phone 08041/ 4778
• Aerogen, Kochel a. See, phone 08851/ 614614,
• Tandem-Gleitschirmschule (paraglider school), Kochel a. See, phone 08851/ 882,
• Drachen- und Gleitschirmschule Adventure Sports GmbH (hang glider and paraglider school), Lenggries, phone 08042/ 9486
• Parachuting: Active-Events, Leitenweg 9, Lenggries, phone 08042/ 501327,

A flight in a glider is another great way to float through the air. They circle in the sky, feather light and with no motor noise. A breathtaking experience for anyone.

Providers of glider flights:
• Segelfluggruppe Benediktbeuern (glider group), Bad Tölz, phone +49 8041/ 7617-0
• Segelfluggruppe Isartal e. V. (glider group), Ortsgruppe Geretsried, Wolfratshausen, phone +49 8171/ 216465
• Haltergemeinschaft Fluggelände Greiling e. V., Neubiberg, phone +49 89/ 6011190
• Segelflugplatz Königsdorf-Wiesen (glider airfield), phone +49 8179/ 8925

Providers of helicopter flights:
• Taxi and sightseeing flights: Lacherdinger, Gartenstr. 1, Dietramszell/Ascholding, phone +49 8171/ 4277-0

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